Visitor Accounts

The Visitor Accounts module is provided to SIMS licensees who have purchased this optional feature. The Visitor Accounts module allows you to view, edit or add users to your system, who can gain access to password-protected areas of your website.

To view the Visitor Accounts module, expand the Modules item in the Admin Menu by clicking on it and then on Visitor Accounts. The Visitor Accounts information will load within the righthand column of your SIMS Interface.


Any username and password assigned will not grant the user access to your SIMS Interface. It will only grant access to specified password-protected areas of your Web site.

Creating a Visitor Account

  1. In the Visitor Accounts screen, click the Create Account button at the top right.
  2. Enter the Visitors information. Required information includes: the User’s; First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password. All other fields are optional.
  3. Click Create Account when you are finished. The new Visitor Account has now been created.

This information can be edited/ updated anytime by clicking on the User's name under the Visitor Accounts category beneath the Modules listing within the Administration Panel.

Visitor Accounts Registration

If you would like to setup a Visitor Accounts Registration Page, you will need to contact our support team as it may require design/layout considerations. Visitor Account Registration is usually planned and discussed during initial setup of this module. Setting this feature up after the initial setup may be subject to a small additional fee.

Deleting a Visitor Account

  1. In the Visitor Accounts screen, click the edit icon next to the User’s name.
  2. In the status field, select deleted.
  3. Click the Update Account button. The account is now deleted.


You can also disable a Visitor Account in the same manner if you want to temporarily block a user from accessing your password protected page.