At Sencia, the majority of our websites are developed using our in-house developed content management system, SIMS. Considering all the benefits, it’s no surprise why!

Here are some of the reasons why it’s a good thing to choose SIMS Content Management System:

  • Do more, worry less! : SIMS user interface was designed to simplify the editing process for your website, so you have all the tools you need without having to worry about messing up the back end.
  • Meeting Guidelines (Accessibility & SEO): Do you need your website to meet specific accessibility guidelines? Focused on SEO? SIMS has everything you need to feel confident and in-charge of your content while meeting important guidelines and compliancy.
  • Optional Modules: Need your website to sell your products with a digital storefront? Track important data? Collect data using online polls? Our collection of add-ons called “modules” can offer an exciting boost to your website.
  • Fast, Friendly Support Direct From The Developers: Unlike with open-source developed applications, we’re the developers! We know SIMS best and are available to help with any training, maintenance and regularly issue automatic updates! We’re here to listen to your feedback and are always looking to improve our system (suggestions always welcome)!
  • Monitored 24/7: SIMS sites are being monitored 24/7, so if any major issues happen to occur, we’re notified right away and can fix them asap.
    Support Local! By developing your website with SIMS, you’re supporting all of our local staff including; our developers, designers, the project management team and support representatives who work on your website right here in Thunder Bay! Our CMS is 100% developed, hosted and maintained locally – and that’s something to be proud of!
  • We Offer Demos! If you’re on the edge of deciding which CMS is best for you, it can be difficult to choose! Luckily, we offer a free demo and can walk you through the many benefits of our platform. We can also help you explore other options, because in the end it’s all about what works best for YOU!
  • We Love To Collaborate! If you or your designer friend have a look and feel already in mind, we’re open to (and quite enjoy!) collaboration! Many local businesses have teamed up with us to develop their designs to work with our content management system SIMS.


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