SIMS was developed by Thunder Bay by web design and development firm Sencia Canada Ltd in order to provide an easy to use, uncluttered content management system. Sencia has also developed a collection of professional website products alongside SIMS Content Management System including; Informetica Learning Management Software, Sencia Track Data Management System, DocShare Secure Document Sharing and My Smart Gift giftcard and loyalty card system.

Web design, development and other website related services

Along with their products, Sencia also provides a full suite of website services, support and training to their clients online strategies, including: Thunder Bay web design and development (SIMS, Wordpress),  Web and Email Hosting, Graphic Design, Custom Application Development, Database Applications, Internet Marketing (Social, SEO, Stat Reporting, PPC Advertising), Copywriting, and Website Consulting.

A Trusted Content Management Solution

Sencia Canada Ltd. has always strived to offer the best website solutions for our clients, which led them to developing an entire suite of web products. These products are used by clients across the world. Find out why so many people trust SIMS Content Management System and our other solutions by requesting a demo today.